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About The Wall Street Journal Asia


The Wall Street Journal Asia is the leader in global business news for Asia. Since 1976, it has provided indispensable news and analysis of regional and global business developments for an influential pan-Asian audience of corporate and government decision-makers. The Journal Asia has been voted “most important business reading” amongst all international dailies in Asia in every “Business Elite Asia” study (formerly ABRS) since the survey’s inception in 1985.


It won a Pulitzer Prize in 2007 and was awarded the Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA) award for “Excellence in Newspapers - English Language” in 2001, 2002 and 2003. From 2005 to 2009, it won the top SOPA awards in the “Excellence in Newspapers,” "Excellence in Reporting", “Excellence in Feature Writing,” “Excellence in Business Reporting”, "Excellence in Human Rights Reporting", "Excellence in Reporting on the Environment", “Excellence in Public Service Journalism”, “Excellence in Reporting Breaking News”, “Excellence in Explanatory Reporting” categories and “The Scoop Award”.

Designed to satisfy the information needs of today's fast-moving executives


The Journal’s acclaimed content – authoritative, relevant, actionable articles – are in a format that is easier to navigate, enabling you to get to the articles you want faster.


Front Page

The day’s most pressing news from around the world. Provocative and intelligent reporting that educates and enlivens the debate from the timeliest economic and business coverage to international affairs from across the globe. The new layout including a bolder masthead, “sky boxes”, navigation bars and enhanced stock-market listings at the top of the page.


What’s News

A much-expanded What's News section and a guide to the day's top online articles on page two,  providing readers an at-a-glance view of the day’s paper and top online articles.

World News

An enhanced World News section with pages dedicated to Asia, the Americas and Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Business and Finance

A new Business & Finance section compromising the former Money & Investing and Corporate News sections, providing more extensive markets coverage and statistical analysis. Clever use of graphics puts the numbers into context and informed analysis drives the news forward.


An expanded weekly section, featuring “Tech Bazaar”, a recurring write-up about Asia’s latest gadgetry.


Opinions: Review & Outlook

The editorial page’s showcase is its Opinions: Review & Outlook columns.  These editorials take sides on the major issues in global business, economics, politics and culture, with the goal of influencing policies and events to promote freedom and prosperity as widely as possible.

In Depth

The In Depth section showcases the Journal’s trademark in-depth feature stories that reach far beyond the news with ground-breaking stories that provide valuable insights told in an engaging style, presented in a magazine-style format.


Heard on the Street

Provides readers with a broad mix of agenda-setting analysis and commentary. A must-read for financial professionals, corporate decision-makers and retail investor, the column takes a critical, sharp-eyed look at companies in the news throughout the business day.


Weekend Journal

Weekend Journal appears every Friday, focusing on “the business of life”, helping you unwind from the high-stress corporate world and settle into a more leisurely frame of mind. Weekend Journal investigates personal issues like money, fashion, social issues, sports and culture with insight, wit and fun, offering you practical advice, guidance and commentary with a distinctly Asian flavor.

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A glossy magazine published 10 times per year to stimulate the appetite for fashion, art, design, travel, automobiles, consumer electronics, watches & jewelry and more.

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